Cable cast-on help please!

I’ve never done the cable cast-on before and am working a pattern that requires it. I just watched the video on this site and think I have it down, however I don’t know what constitutes “1 stitch”. Is slipping the stitch over and knitting into the back of it & slipping that over 1 stitch or is just knitting into the back of the stitch & slipping it over 1 stitch? I’m working the Noni Designs Peony flower and am supposed to use the cable cast on to do 3 stitches while binding off. Any help is appreciated!

Putting the loop on the needle counts as the stitch. If you get 3 on there, you’ve cast on 3.

[COLOR=“Blue”]If you count the “rings” on your left needle, you’ll see the number of stitches. The slip knot you use to start the cable cast-on counts as the first stitch.[/COLOR]