Cable Cast Off Ribbed Scarf

I am nearly finished with a 2x2 ribbed knitted scarf. I began it with the cable cast on which looks like a slight spiral and then started knitting 2, purling 2 right off of the cast on row. (I’m not too familiar with knitting lingo.) I cannot for the life of me find a link/video/tutorial that shows me how I could mimic the cable pattern in my bind off/cast off and I want both ends of my scarf to look the same. Can anyone assist me? (This is the cable cast on I used) (I tried to end the scarf in this “cable cast off” but it does not look the same as my cast on which is really not very prominent/visible as an edge- mine blends into the scarf/is almost “invisible”.)
Thank you!

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Techknitter recommends the stitch over stitch bind off (pretty much the first bind off that you learn) as a close match for the cable cast on.

A provisional cast on which can be removed to leave you with live sts is one way I know to exactly match the two ends. You might also cast on and knit the scarf in two halves then graft up the center.

Thanks for your feedback! I think I’m going to bind it of “in pattern” by using the stitch over stitch method but purling the purls, knitting the knit stitches etc & hoping that it looks close enough because I’m not sure how to graft. :slight_smile:

As much as I love the cable cast on look, I don’t think I’ll ever be using it again since I cannot find a bind off that matches it. Just finished my scarf but the bind off is not as rounded as the cast on (has more square-like corners than rounded edges) which makes me super sad although this was my first time doing the cable cast on and also my first time ribbing 2x2. I am a knitting perfectionist so this bothers me, to say the least. Hmph. Any recommendations for casting on with ribbing that can be matched with a bind off? :slight_smile:

Try doing a provisional cast on. When you finish, you can bind off any of the many ways available. Then you take out the provisional and do the exact same bind off. There are several ways to do this:

You could also knit the scarf in two halves and join in the middle.

If you want more rounded edges on your current bind off, start by slipping the first two stitches to the right needle without knitting them and then slip the first over the second. Then do the stitch over stitch bind off to the last stitch, slip it to the right, move the first over the second, cut the yarn leaving a tail and pull the yarn through the last stitch on the needle.

Perhaps I will give gartering a try. :slight_smile: There are some good videos for gartering rib stitches.
Do the two halves have to be connected in the middle or can one “half” be just a few rows (since I’m done with one of the scarves and I was thinking I could just backtrack like 8-10 rows then cut the yarn and use the rest to cast on like I did originally and graft the two remaining pieces)?
I shouldn’t diss the cable cast on as much as I have been, but this predicament is frustrating lol. I’m sure it’d be great for a cast on for a hat, for example, which I plan to attempt next.
Also, thanks for the tip on the more rounded bind off.

The join can be anywhere. Halfway works well if you use a join with a seam since the seam is pretty much hidden at the neck. If you graft the two pieces together, you should be fine.
Remember that when you cut the yarn, you’ll have live sts but your sts will be offset by one. The Knit Picks video mentions this. It’s worth making two small swatches to try this out before you cut your scarf. You may find that the difference in cast on and bind off is preferable.