Cable/braid question

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just wondering about how to make a braid in a pattern as opposed to a cable. i’ve seen knitted stuff with cool looking braids, but i’m not sure how to make them. i can cable until the cows come home, but this has me a bit unsure.


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What’s the difference between a cable and a braid? :?? I thought a braid was a type of cable, not separate from a cable. :shrug:

They’re a similar technique just depends how many strands are over/under another.



you might be right. i’m not a very experienced knitter. i could be just imagining that i’ve seen a braid as opposed to a cable. to my mind, a braid looks to sort of have two parts that curve towrds each other whle a cable twists around itself.

who knows?! :shrug:



can you explain more? i can’t quite picture it…


A braid uses 3 sections where you alternate cabling the sections.

Actually feministmama just posted this chart for a braid

A cable usually only has two sections that cross over and/or under, while a braid could have more, like a hair braid. However, here’s an example of a braided scarf, much like the one in scarf style, but the technique used to make it is cabling - There really isn’t much difference.


Aha … sounds like a complicated cable … as if cabling needs to be made more complex … :roflhard:


hooray! i think i’m catching on…thanks for all the links and advice!

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It’s no more complicated than a regular cable… if it’s written out and not charted.

sue, thinks charts are a pita…

here’s a nice one. You guys might want to buy or look at a stitch dictionary in the cable section.
BTW, does anyone have an online chart or pattern or instruction for one of those cables that is a proper circle, or even know what they are called? I mean like this
scroll down just a teeny bit to the pink swatch. How? Do you create new stitches out of nowhere, knits on the stocking stitch background, and what about at the top? Just decrease them back together again?

Generally when you make a design like that, you increase in the first stitch of the bottom points, work the cable (from a chart, usually) and then decrease at the top of the points.

These kinds of cable patterns look so complicated, but are done one row at a time like everything else.