Cable beanie decrease confusion

This is my first time doing cable and I’m making a kit flat beanie. I’ve gotten to the beginning of the decreases but I’m quite confused because it seems to be telling me to k2t in the middle of a purl section.

Row 1- k1, *k2t, patt 8, rep

8 pattern stitches would be p4, k2, p2. This takes me to the centre of my cable, with 3 more purl stitches after the k2t.

I’m confused as to whether there is supposed to be a knit in the middle of the purl section, or whether I’m reading my pattern wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It does seem unusual. Most cable beanies put the decreases in the sts between cables until the last few rows. Then the cables themselves are decreased and eventually come to an end.
Can you give us the name and perhaps the pattern book or source? Also, please edit you post (use the little pencil icon in the bottom right of the post) to leave out one of the pages. Because of copyright problems, we can’t post large portions of patterns.

Thank you, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was odd. The name of the book is Patonyle No. 1239 (I’m not sure if I’d be able to post the cover without causing problems but I have it if I’m able). And the Pattern is simply called ‘Lady/Man Cabel Beanie and Scarf’.

Maybe this one?

I was hoping that there might be an errata page or Ravelry project notes. I’d go with making the same or close to the same number of decreases per row outside the cables and finally in the cables until you’ve worked the given number of decrease and plain rows.

That does look like the book but sadly my pattern isn’t there. Thank you for your help, I’ll just have to try to make the decreases fit in.