Cable Back


I am knitting a hat for the first time and I’ve reached the 6th row of the pattern and it is described as follows:

P1,K1*p2,CB6,p2 etc.
I do not know how to CB6, I did however find the instruction below on the net.

CB=Cable Back (put 2 stitches on a cable needle and hold in back, knit 2, knit the 2 off the cable needle)

But this doesn’t mean much to me, can anyone put it in simpler terms or know of any video clips that I could watch?


When you cable you put x number of stitches on a cable needle and then you knit the next x number of stitches. When you are done with those you can put the stitches from the cable needle back on the left needle OR just knit right off the cable needle. That produces the cabley crossed effect. When it says cable back…it means to put the stitches that are on the cable needle in the back of your work while you knit the next stitches. When it says front you put those stitches in front of your work. They both produce a different angled cable.

Here’s the link from here (KH). Scroll down a bit to see it.
I learned from this one. :teehee:

This would be for a CB4 though, yours is a CB6 so you would put 3 on the cable needle and hold it in back, knit 3, then knit the 3 off the cable needle. Then continue on with the rest of your pattern.