Cable Baby Blanket Help

I am making this blanket and have decided to frog it and start over for two reasons. I am not happy with the size, it needs to be bigger so I am going to double the width.

And, I am not happy with the way the cables pucker at the start. My question is how to avoid the pucker. I noticed on another pattern by Debbie Bliss that when you start the cables you increase 2 stitches for each cable. This pattern has no such increase.

Do you think I should M1 x2 for each cable across and increase the knitted strips between accordingly? OR, another pattern has you change to a needle size that is two times larger than the edging. Would that alone ease the pucker?

This pattern is Aunt Pearl’s cabled Baby Blanket from For the Love of

Hi, Ginny:
Some cables are more well known to draw in than others. Personally, I would add stitches along the cable(s) to help with your drawing and pucker problem. You might want to swatch some samples first to decide what looks best. HTH.

Do most cable patterns start with the twist? I wondered if not starting the cable tight away might make a difference as well…

I would add a few more rows before making the first cable twist, that would probably help.

When working on cables I’ll normally inc roughly half the number of cable sts (if 3/3 I’d inc 2-3 in the set-up row at the base of the cable). The transition is less noticeable when the cable starts out full width rather than with the twist. Certain fibers are worse than others. Cotton doesn’t seem to need as many inc but some acrylics really pull.


OK, I think I’ve figured it out on paper. I’m going to do a M1 increased x2 for each cable on the first row AND I won’t do my first cable twist til row six. THAT should take care of the pucker.