Cable Baby Blanket and Saxon Braid

It seems like forever since I actually finished something.
Here is my first baby blanket, for my first grandchild (due 9/2). I used Aunt Pearl’s cable blanket pattern and Red Heat “soft Baby” (had to overcome my hatred for acrylic yarn, but wanted someting washable). I did use the pattern modifications suggested here, the original pattern did not add stitches when the cable started resulting in a “pucker”. I “made two” stitches for each cable.

AND, in a rare occurance, I had two projects on the needles. The baby blanket and I made a scarf using the Saxon Braid from the Cable Jacket (Maleknitter posted a bit ago). I covet this cable jacket pattern and now after making a scarf I actually think I might be able to manage the sweater, it’s the same pattern with a simple cable in between the repeats. The scarf is made from Lamb’s Pride Bulky and was a great way to “get a handle” on the cable stitch pattern. The bulky yarn has great stitch definition and was easy to work with.

Ginny, those are both VERY nice and the Saxon braid is stunning! I gotta go find that post by maleknitter!

Stunning work :slight_smile:

[COLOR=black]Very nice. I find that a scarf is a very satisfying project the can be completed quickly.[/COLOR]
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Here is the link to the pattern:

And here is the link to the post:

:inlove: they are lovely!! Great job :thumbsup:

They are both beautiful. Great work.

Both are absolutely GORGEOUS-great job!

They both look great. thanks for the link, will have to try making that scarf.

The Saxon braid looks fantastic!

These are beautiful! The saxon braid is gorgeous!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE :inlove: the scarf its look G-R-REAT!!!:yay:


Ooooh I love those! That braid is absolutely lovely.

both projects look awesome! i especially like the saxon braid scarf.

Both look just great! The washable baby blanket will be much appreciated.

Congratulations on your coming grandchild! That’ll be SO much fun! You are way ahead of the game in getting a blanket knitted already! (smile)

Both projects are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing them.

I love them both…and I’ve already bookmarked that scarf. I plan to change my hat and scarf for next winter and THAT’S the scarf I want. Now to find a hat to go with it!

Funny you should say that, I have enough yarn left for a hat and have been trying to figure out WHAT hat!