Cable Arm Warmers! Happy!

So, this was my first attempt at knitting something other than a scarf, and I am -stupid- levels of proud of myself. I was at IHOP (my fiance works there) last night, showing them off. If anyone wanted to know, I used the Yarn Dive (there’s supposed to be an accent mark over the E) Autunno in the gradiant shade that goes from red to green. Took about half a ball, and you can get the pattern here. I’m so proud of myself!:woot:

They look great. Love the colors

OOh they look so cozy! Very nice!

They are really beautiful! :muah:Great job-I love making handwarmers, aren’t they fun?? Thanks for the link!

Beautiful! Well done :slight_smile:

They are so beautiful! I may steal that pattern.

Nice job!

I love that pattern so much! Great job :balloons:

:woot: They look wonderful!!

You should be proud! They’re gorgeous. Love the colors, and that pattern is great!

They look warm and cozy. Great job!

Looks great! :thumbsup:

They’re beautiful! I love that pattern too.

They are WONDERFUL! And, if that is your hand modeling the glove…very nice, too! The colorway graduations add something very special to the pattern! You should be very proud of yourself! :thumbsup:

Nice job! It’s fun to have something to show off like that, especially if you made them yourself.

You [B]should[/B] be proud! They look great!

Those look great - I’m still working on getting past scarves myself… :teehee:

Love the colors, too!