Cable / Aran panels needed

Hey, all… I’m designing a men’s cardigan and am looking for stitch guides or patterns so I can include some nice & challenging aran/cable panels. Any ideas or offers on how to get this info without sorting through garment patterns? :shrug:

Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns has a gazillion!

Encyclopedia of Knitting has a bunch, i have mine from my library

Thank you for those suggestions. Will see if I can track those down in my local library.

:thinking: Anything available online? :hiding:

This is a great book:

Try here

Your help has really been useful! :muah:

I have settled on design for front and sleeves, and have narrowed my search to one really stunning and intricate cable panel - 30 to 50 stitches wide for the back… That’s my Holy Grail, and I guess I’ve decided to be really picky with this one. :wall: If anyone has a pattern for such a thing, please post it here?

In my net wandering I have found the following site which others may find useful:

It has a pattern generator for different styles of tops and a HUGE stitch library which I am currently toothcombing for my elusive ‘wow panel’.

Hope you find it useful and rewarding!