Cable advice

Hi everyone,
I’m practicing knitting cables because I want to make a cable scarf and the Cable Comfort Throw but my stitches appear stretched out where I make the twist. Does that make sense to anyone but myself? Am I knitting too tight? Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks for the help!

PS. Thanks everyone for the yarn substitution ideas from a few weeks ago. I didn’t have a chance to post a thanks because I’ve been crazy busy looking for an apartment. I finally found one but anyone else who lives in New York City will know what it’s like.

That is normal and the nature of the beast. :teehee: I think thicker cables tend to do this more than thinner ones.

Yep, that’s how all cables behave. As you get more length, and block or wash when done, it won’t be quite as bad.

Agree with Jan and suzeeq… once the item is longer it won’t look so bad and blocking etc will largely resolve it. I try and be a little careful with how I manipulate the cable needle (in other words not stretching and pulling at that) but no matter what you do the outside stitches - particularly with chunkier yarns - will always adopt the look that you speak of. They need to really anyway to cope with the curve and small additional distance stretch you are asking of them in the pattern :slight_smile:

The stitches are very stretched and of course that will make them look bigger and stretched out. If they are too tight you might like to knit those few stitches more loosely on the previous row.

That’s a good point - the tighter you knit those stitches, the more pronounced the stretching is. When you do cables, knit loosely.

Thanks for the advice. Until now I’ve only been doing small swatches with a couple of twists thinking I was doing something wrong. I guess I’ll jump into the scarf and see how it goes!