CA - South Orange County, CA knitters

We have a small group, but would love to have more. If you live nearby and would like to join us let me know!

Anyone else around Orange County?? :x: :woot:

Hi Melissa, I responded to your PM.


I’m sad that I won’t be able to make it to any of your knitting groups. :pout:

There’s GOT to be more people around the Orange County area on here…riiiiiiiight?? :shrug:

Not Orange County. But Palm Springs. Which is practically down the street by SoCal standards!

You’re about an hour and a half or so from my neck of the woods then. :blooby:

We need a plan. Even if it is just the three of us. We should find a location and get together!

I think so. Somewhere in the middle. And well, because I’m a newbie to knitting, and a newbie in the area (only a SoCal resident for about 3 months now), I’m not all that familiar with good “in-between” areas. But, I think we should try something, even if it’s just a handful of times a month. (considering that gas is now going up 3-5 cents a day it seems :!!!: :!!!: :!!!: )

Where is JAN? Hello JAN? I have tried to schedule something before. It didn’t work. :slight_smile:

So, let’s think of something and sometime. I am Spring break the second week of April!

I’m in San Diego. That’s only an hour away from OC. I would be willing to drive up. What day are you thinking about?

Andee, I know. I remember you tried to plan something last year. I flaked out. :oops: Too much going on for awhile. But, I’m ready now! :cheering:
Maybe we could meet in Temecula. Is that about an hour away for everyone?

Well, Thursday’s are out for a few more weeks because of knitting. And I’m an 8-5’er/40 hr a week with work. Also, Over Easter weekend my parents & brother are flying in from Chicago (where I’m originally from) so those days (I think it’s Thurs-Tues) are out.

Anyone have specific days that do/do not work out?

edit, anyone a part of the Stitch 'N Bitch groups? Found these while search around last night:

I’m here! We’ve got a ton of stuff coming up with 2 college graduations… And I don’t like to drive really except in my own neck of the woods. :teehee: We can probably figure something out though.

I’m sure we can drive to you. :slight_smile:

I have no problem with driving to OC. My step daughter lives there. What were you thinking…weekend or weekday?

Hi Ladies! :waving: Do any of you buy yarn locally from a yarn shop besides Michael’s/JoAnn’s? (if you even buy yarn there). I’m just trying to look for a few shops around. I know there’s Yarn Lady in Laguna Hills, as well as another shop in Costa Mesa/Santa Ana, that just went up called The Sheared Sheep. I haven’t been to either, but then again, I haven’t really made anything besides a scarf either.

I know that a lot of people just end up buying their stuff online. But for those that can’t wait (sometimes like me), I thought that I would ask!

We have some nice (expensive) LYS’s near where I live. Depending on what I want or need, I’ll either go there, or Michaels or shop online.

Online is usually less expensive and the last time I ordered it only took two or three days to arrive. I’m making a sweater, so I needed 11 balls of yarn. Much, much cheaper online.

:waving: Just wanted to say to everyone [color=blue]ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND![/color]

:blooby: :woot: :sun:

I probably won’t get much knitting in, as I’ll be cleaning for my parents who are coming next Thursday, and my car, though I got new brakes, is still screaching every time I break :wall: :!!!: So that’ll be another fun thing this weekend. And taxes…really need to work on that! :doh:


edit—anyone think of some different ideas I can do with my parents? I’ll be working 1/2 days on Friday & Monday (I need $$$) so any decent 1/2 day ideas? I’m going to send them off to the beach and meet them there more than likely Friday. But for the rest of the weekend, I’ve got no clue, since I really haven’t explored SoCal either since moving here. Thanks! :hug:

Thanks Dink! Hope you enjoy your time with your parents. The weather is soooo nice!

You could drive down to San Diego and go to the Zoo or visit Coronado. Its a beautiful drive over the Coronado Bridge and then a cute town. The Hotel Del Coronado is worth looking at. Then there’s La Jolla, which has nice shops and restaurants.

Have you been to Balboa Island in the OC. That’s a fun place to walk around.

Whatever you choose, hope you have fun!

I was thinking about spending a day in San Diego. It is beautiful there. I’ve only been there once for a Padres game, so I haven’t been to the Zoo, or Coronado. Haven’t been to Balboa either. I haven’t been “out” since I moved here. Seemed like I did all the fun stuff while I was visiting, and now that I’m actually here, I do nothing! :doh:

I doubt that we’ll go to the Zoo or Sea World. I’d love to at some point, but right now, my foot is still a little black and blue (the toes are taped), so I don’t want to be walking all day).

Are there any museums? How about the Mission at San Juan Capistrano?

Thanks for the help! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Me, I definately enjoyed the :sun: … maybe a little too much!