I’m working on a scarf, and the pattern calls for me to K2, then slip next 4 stitches onto cable needle and hold to front of work, [k1,p1] twice from left-hand needle, [k1,p1] twice from cable needle. So, is the right-hand needle the cable needle or is this a whole 'nother thing? :thinking:

It’s a third needle, actually. You slip those stitches onto a third needle, continue with the directions. It will work out, you’ll see. Knitting cable designs is my favorite.

Wah can you see me crying? DH doesn’t get pain until Friday, so I hafta put this off until then! :doh: Oh wait, I still hafta finish DD’s blanket anyways :happydance:

You know, you’re not retricted to knitting yarn. I try out stitches and techniques using garden twine, packaging twine, baling twine, butcher’s twine… just about anything near the size of yarn, just so I won’t have to rip it and ball it up again. Saves wear and tear on the yarn. These little ‘swatches’ are cheap and handy to look at when you try it with yarn. Kinda like little memory joggers.

Oh i have the yarn, it’s the cable needle I don’t have. DO you think a plastic yarn needle would work as well since it’s only 4 stitches at a time?

There’s all kinds of things that you can use to sub for a cable needle. A stitch holder, a dpn, etc. I’ve even used the end of a crochet hook in a pinch! :smiley: All you need is a place for the stitches to “sit” while you are doing the other part of the cable.

You can use just about anything for a cable needle, as long as it has two open ends–I don’t even own a cable needle–I use a dpn, and it doesn’t have to be the size of the needles you’re working with. You could use the yarn needle. I once used part of a pen top and a pencil. Any stick thin enough to fit through the stitches will work.

Wooohooo thanks for the ideas! I used a crochet needle and it worked wonders!

I’m bugging so bad, what does “C8RF” stand for?

C8RF=Cross 8 Ribwise Front

When I first started knitting, I developed an irresistible urge to learn to knit cables. Immediately. I had no dpns, and certainly no cable needle. So, I used a drinking straw… :shock: