C2r cable

My pattern says to do a “c2r” and it gives the instructions as:
C2R = Knit into front loop of 2nd stitch on left-hand needle, then purl 1st stitch, slipping both stitches on needle together.
I’ve done cables before but I’m confused about the wording. How do I do this? Do I need a cable needle for this? As well, does this just involve 2 stitches or 4, like a normal cable?

Here is a video from YouTube showing you how to do c2r & c2L :grinning:

This video is similar to the method given in your instructions. It shows knitting into both sts where you would be purling into the 2nd stitch. It uses 2 stitches total for the twist.

You can of course use a cable needle, holding the stitch to the back but it’s a little cumbersome for a 2 stitch cable.

Tangles, that’s an interesting video but it seems to be a 4 stitch cable rather than a 2 stitch cable or twisted stitch.

I’m sorry, the title says C2r and C2L so I figured this was what the pattern was ask for.