C.O.: Must Have Cabled Cardigan

I just C.O. for Paton’s Must Have Cardigan in teal, I’m finding it quite challenging and don’t want to give up just yet because I love the finished product and I HATE to give up on anything!

I wish the pattern told you where to place stitch markers, I’ll have to figure that out myself.

Often in cable patterns they will instruct you to purl a certain amount of stitches before and after you execute the cable portion of the pattern (this way you have a nice reverse stockinette stitch background so the cable(s) can stand out more). If you place a stitch marker before the purl stitches at the beginning of the cable and after the purl stitches at the end of the cable in different colors for each cable panel that might be helpful.

It is a very nice pattern, hope you enjoy making it.

Well I’ll say this: the pattern is a “classic” and will be well worth your efforts! I love it myself! Take it slow, but stay with it! Try not to have other projects running at the same time. I never work on anything else but the project at hand, otherwise I get all goofed up.

You can do it!! I can’t wait to see it :happydance: