By George I think I've got it!

My next project! This should be difficult enough to chalenge me, but easy enough for me not to cuss and threaten bodily harm to anyone. I :heart: Knitty

PS… this will require a lot of love and support from you all xxx

Nice! Have fun Nuno!

(I :heart: Knitty too! )

Yea for you!!! :cheering: I want to make that too!!! Some day. :smiley:

I’m thinking Hot pink and a pale pink??? I dunno, I like pink, but I have red hair so I am sketchy on wearing it.

I am so excited to make this too but a bit unsure about it being backless…it doesn’t get that hot here. :blush:

she added a pattern for the back!

I :inlove: :heart: :inlove: LOVE it!!! Make me one too pls and thx.

hugs Nuno

P.S. I’ll send you the yarn, gimme your address pls.

Oh I love that one too! I wish I had the brass bouncers to wear it though. I don’t like my arms and back out. :cry:

But if I had a pretty back and arms, the world would be in trouble!! :lol:


Hey, do you all think…and assuming I get it done in time :rollseyes: That I could make it dressy enough for a class reunion? Paired with a skirt or something?? As you know this is a very VERY complicated occasion to dress for so be HONEST!