By a show of needles... er hands

how many of you take your knitting to work?

I just can’t seem to leave mine alone LOL! Or if not knitting at work, surfing yarn store sites?

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well i almost always have SOME knitting in my bag but i rarely touch it at work…at least not the full time joint. The part time place i can sometimes when we are all caught up on everything or i am in a training session.

surprisingly, i don’t surf that many yarn sites…well besides this one. I may take a glance at shops online but i have what i think are a couple of great Local LYSs so i don’t feel the need to stray very often! :wink: :thumbsup:

I always have knitting–I don’t knit in the classroom unless there’s only one or two kids there and nothing else to do, but there is a period of the day when they’re in the rec room, so I can recreate, too. Plus if I have few minutes at lunch, or if there’s a meeting after school.

I don’t look at yarn sites much anymore because I need to save money and I’m such a sucker for sales.

I have a big enough purse that I always have a skein of yarn and needles in it…I carry a Vera Bradley tote as my purse so I can keep my current project in it too. I don’t have much time to knit during the day at work but sometimes I can sneak a few rows…

I carry it to work. In Fact I started using a bag I got from a conference in January (a messenger type bag) to carry stuff in. It got so full (books, patterns printed off etc) that I had to leave it at home, right now I have a small plastic carrier with my knitting in it - its going everywhere with me in case I get a spare second or two to knit =D

It’s sitting right beside me…every single day! I usually shovel my lunch down to get some good knitting time in! Although a lot of my lunch hour is spent here too! :lol:

[color=blue][/color]As I work in a call center, we’re allowed to read, knit, talk, etc. when not on the phones. So… I usually can be found knitting between calls, which really help on the frustration from the people calling in needing help, yelling, etc. My boss is great with it,and encourges we do something to relax while waiting on the next call. I’ve worked solely on my daughter’s afghan there and I’m really surprised by the amount of work I’ve finished.


I can’t knit at work, but I usually bring it with because two of my co-workers are knitters – I love to show what I’m working on and see what they’re working on too :smiley:

I don’t knit “at” work per se but I often have a sock or something small that I keep in the car. If I have a few minutes between hearings or a chance to go drive to the local park I’ll hall it out and knit. Its a great chance to decompress from people complaining and yelling at me.

I have my knitting with me right now at work. I have alot of free time and my boss would have me doing menial tasks if I didnt look busy. Luckily for me, the way my desk is situtated, I can knit socks great without being found out. And if she’s out (just like today and tomorrow) I just bring in anything to knit because I’m good for the whole day! I’ve finished half a dishcloth so far today. Hopefully by the time I leave in a few hours, I’ll almost be done! I’m so bad! :happydance:

I used to take my knitting to work. I had a lot of time to sit in my office. I was able to finish my sweaters in almost no time.

I almost always have at least one project with me at work. Somedays I don’t get to touch it, other days I get a bunch done. This Monday, I was sooooo glad I had something to do - our computers were down for about 6 hours and we could do absolutely nothing!

Most of my work is done at home so I almost always have my knitting with me :smiley: However if I’m not at home, no I usually don’t bring it. My job has me in meetings or on stage at church when I am not at home so my knitting would be a bit inappropriate.

I’m a full time homemaker now, but when I was working, I used to take my crochet to the salon, and work on it in between clients. It made the day go faster during the times when business was slow.

I’m sure if I’d known how to knit back then, I’d have taken it to work, too.

I’m taking some time off right now, but for the last 3 years, I’ve been a home daycare provider. So I definitely knit at work. :lol: AND I’ve taught some of the kids to knit too. Bonus.

Sadly, no. I am a consultant, so clients are paying to have me there for a short period of time to get things done. It would be inappropriate for me to take time to knit. Lunch is generally only long enough to eat something and get back to it asap…most often at my desk while I’m working.

I bring my knitting to work on weekends, since it tends to be a bit quieter then.

I don’t get much time on the computer at work so my yarn window shopping is done at home.

You are still working!!! All moms are working moms!!!

I knit with my son sometimes and I knit at my job for pay sometimes. I knit on the bus, in the movies, waiting for appointments, in line at the bank, at the library, you name it. My job for pay is at a computer lab on campus. I’m the lab attendant so I can knit, do homework, watcha movie, surf the web, whatever. I never the leave the house without some knid of project. Anyone want a job here? We need more women. We only got 2 out of 17 or 18 of us.

OMG, this is pretty much all I do!

I work at a Community Access Centre (internet access and computer courses, basically) and hardly anyone is ever here in the summer. This is how I am able to get so far along on these massive Harry Potter scarves I’ve been knitting for my friends’ Christmas gifts.

I’m constantly working on getting through 14 trapped bar repetitions, reading weasley_sweaters (LJ), knitting (LJ), hp_knitting (LJ) or these forums. Or, you know, watching the first season of House, MD on DVD. A little snark with your knitting?

I take mine to work {anywhere I go actually} so that i can get a few stitches in whenever I am waiting. I can’t knit WHILE working, but I get a couple needles of a sock done on my breaks and at lunch. There’s no Internet access at work, so all my surfing is at home.