Buying Yarn



I live in the middle of nowhere
&&there isn’t anywhere to get yarn around here

Does anybody have a favorite place online to buy any?

I’m trying to find something legit, with a history of quality. I’m a little wary of buying without seeing/touching…

But I’m tired of wal-marts five choices :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Here’s a few links to sites I use a lot and have always had good luck with.

Its hard to pick yarn when you can’t see or feel it, but if you are wondering what a certain brand or type of yarn is like you can always do searches for reviews here or on Ravelry (if you are on Ravelry). You can also check out this site:

I second all of the stores posted above, and I would add to the list. I do almost all of my yarn shopping online, just because I have more self-control that way. :slight_smile: I have shopped with knitpicks, elann, kaleidoscope yarns (, little knits, and an ebay seller called Ewe-phoria yarns and have had nothing but wonderful experiences. Oh, and Blue Moon Fiber Arts ( is wonderful, too.

Webs also has great prices on high quality closeout yarn:

I’ve been told that my particular piece of the middle of nowhere has an alpaca farm (and yarn) nearby. I haven’t found it yet. But I do tend to spend money at Webs ( and Jimmy Beans Wool when I’ve needed yarn.

All of the above plus Janette’s Rare Yarns, which is in England but is worth the postage for US buyers because of her excellent discounts on premium European yarns (Rowan, Jaeger, etc.). Her service is friendly and personal and shipping is fast.

Another good word for Ewe-phoria, in Pocahontas, Iowa (I love saying that). Leslie has an eBay store as well as her regular online shop, and stocks Philosopher’s Wool, Noro and lots of other good yarn. has so many good things going for it. They sell fashionable high end yarn at deep discounts (and will send you emails in advance of sales) but they also have a large and growing number of basic yarns sold under their own brand name. The prices on these are spectacular. If you’re someone who wants to feel the yarn before buying, they have two sampling plans. One send you snips of their yarns at regular intervals; the other sends small skeins so you can test their knitting qualities.

I’ve gotten some great deals from too. They sent me the wrong thing one time, and I gave them a call and they were SO easy about sending me the right thing, and they let me keep the wrong thing, too!

I’m a big fan of Herrschners…they have both inexpensive and pricier yarns, plus they have every needle and notion you could ever think of, plus patterns, kits, etc.

Also, the Knitting Warehouse is good, too.

Before I discovered this wonderful forum and; where I met so many helpful people I ordered from I joined their “club” which allows great discounts and you can requestyarn samples. I have not been disappointed. They have a great catalog too.

oh, yeah, you are about to be hit with a SLEW of favorites. To quote Mrs. Doubtfire, “Brace yourself, Effie!”

PS, I’ve spent the national debt at Webs… But that’s not my only fav…