Buying Yarn Online

I am looking for good places to buy yarn online. I feel like stores don’t give me a lot of options, and sometimes I even have to hit multiple stores to find the yarn that I want or need. I don’t have a lot of money, and it seems like most places want to charge an arm and a leg for yarn. Where can I find the kind of yarn that I buy in the store online? I’d like more options that can be afforded on a budget. Thanks!

Check out knit picks…they have some great yarn at not super high prices

The deals at are pretty good. They have a house brand and they also get discontinued lots of yarn from wellknown companies like Katia and Tahki.

You could check out … they seem to have a wide variety of different yarns to choose from. I have yet to buy from them, but I have my eye on a few items!

I have ordered yarn from

and have always been pleased with what I’ve received. I’ve always ordered my Lion Brand yarn from here.


I have gotten some lovely yarns from both Little Knits and Webs. They both carry yarns that you would find in most local yarn stores like Debbie Bliss, Cascade, Rowan, Tahki, Malabrigo, Artyarns and the like. I’ve heard that the more you order from Webs, the better your discount will be but I don’t order all that much yarn to take advantage of that.

I like Herrschners as they sell most yarns at a low price and have fantastic deals on bags of yarn. It’s where I get yarn I know nothing about and get to learn something new. See my thread on Dept. 71 yarn I got.

I like Knitpicks and Yarnmarket as well.

It’s hit or miss with somethings. I usually come here and search for tales on a yarn I know nothing about. I think the best surprise for me was the Knob Hill Alpaca Charm yarn I bought on a lark. It was love at first touch. :heart:

I really like Patternworks ( as they have a wide variety of yarns of all prices and good online sales. Their telephone customer service is excellent. I also like Knitpicks and everything I have bought from them. However their extra shipping fees to Alaska keep me from buying more. I do buy some things at Joanns like Patons Classic Wool, Kroy Socks, etc. They also sell yarns on their website and even have the weekly 40% off coupon you get at the store. I check the postage a company charges and it is sometimes cheaper to buy at your local store. Although not the LYS where I live who often more than make up for that postage. You just need to shop around.

And Webs ( often has some good sales on nice (often closeout) yarns.