Buying yarn online

I LOVE plymouth’s encore yarn, but I dont have a retailer near me that sells it. Does anyone know of a good online store I can buy it from?

Webs sells it -

wow…, seems pretty obvious huh? Thank you so much, now I can finally start making my christmas presents!

Yeah! Plymouth Encore is great. I’m making an afghan/throw out of two colors right now. Feels soft, but can be washed. And LOTS of colors.

You might try:!OpenDocument

If the link doesn’t work, just go to

I think they have many more colors available than most sites that list Plymouth Encore for sale.

Also, just google ‘Plymouth Encore,’ which will list sites, some ebay auctions, and other stuff about the yarn.

Good luck!

thats a great site for buying yarn. its alot more clear than any others Ive seen. Thanks again!

Remember to buy at least $60 of yarn at WEBS :teehee:so you can get the discount!

I really like the service from Patternworks. They carry a lot of Plymouth yarns (as well as lots of other stuff. had the best price by about twenty dollars because of the discount. I would recommend them the most.