Buying yarn on-line

I can’t find the yarn I need at my local store and I’m turning to on-line stores. What are some on-line stores you’ve used that are reliable and have good variety and good customer service? Thanks for sharing your experience!

The best way to find yarn stores is too click through the links at the top of the forums. There are several. When you click through a link and buy something Amy gets a kickback for the forum. :cheering:

Oh and all the ones listed are good ones. :wink:

My 3 faves all advertise on this site


I’ve had great fun with knitpicks and good experiences. Ilove the patternworks catalog but haven’t ordered from them yet. I also love for fun yarn I didn’t know I needed… ha ha. they ship extra fast!

Patternworks is great. I’ve ordered from them several times and never had a problem.

Will you people PLEASE stop listing new online yarn stores and sales?!! You KNOW that I have to stop what I’m doing to go check it out, and then I become obsessed with the yarn and what I’ll make and if the color is right and how many skeins I’ll need and…

This site is so dangerous!

By the way, no one added Little Knits yet![/size]

Knitpicks is quick and inexpensive.

If time isn’t an issue, I recommend

I ordered a bunch of their lace-weight yarn. They have some yummy, luscious colors and the prices aren’t bad either. The only drawback is they ship out of south america (I think), so delivery can take a while, but worth the wait, IMHO.

someone posted this question before but were can you buy yarn for dying other than knitpicks??? :??

:muah: i found some yarn i didnt know i needed. thanks for sharing the link… :roflhard: dh will now have no arguments over me knitting him a vest…the yarn was such a great deal :eyebrow:

ETA- kblue… here are some links i have saved in my favorites (i have not purchased any yet…)
i am going to be buying some silk and some cashmere from colourmart to make a baby blanket, and probably washable wool from wool2dye4 to knit up a big layette set too.

Kaleidoscope Yarns is one of my favorites. They have a very good selection, and I have received excellent customer service. :thumbsup:

I am a Knit Picks shopper. Lion Brand’s online selection is good too. I have used Lion yarn but haven’t baught from them on line.

I pretty much only use Knit Picks yarns, but my other favorites are Web’s, and Malabrigo (not advertised), and I mainly order online, since the nearest yarn shop is about 1 hour away.

On Thursday night, basically in the middle of the night, I ordered some things from, and I got them on Saturday morning!

(Do people write thank you emails to their yarn stores?)

syndactylus-i do!