Buying yarn from Etsy

Does anyone have any favorites that they have bought yarn from on Etsy. They have lots of great looking yarn but not sure who I should buy from. Thanks!!

I can’t say i have a favorite but everybody i have bought from has been wonderful. they are all cottage industry type folks so they try really hard to satisfy their customers. If you are on Ravelry, and you join the lime and violet group, they post a link to an Etsy Store of the Day (ESotD) that always has really nice stuff. Some of it leans more to roving for spinners and a LOT of it leans more towards sock yarn, which seeems to be more prevalant on the site than any other yarns, but it is a good place to start getting your feet wet. I have their group linked to my google feed reader so it comes right to me. :wink:

I love Etsy! My favorite sellers are mindseyeyarns (Mind’s Eye Yarns), sharing (Karen’s Heavenly Creations), and knittindiva (Beyond Basic Knits). All three have really gorgeous hand-dyed sock yarns, as well as some other weights. I bought a TON of stuff from Beyond Basic Knits. Her colorways are stunning and really interesting. Actually, all three of them do really fun and different colorways. A lot of bright stuff, but some that are more muted and subtle as well. All three of them have been great to deal with, too.