Buying Options...but what extras?

I’m finally going to purchase a set of Harmony Options :cheering: and was wondering what extras (additional cables, other needle ends, size tags, binder, etc.) I should buy that I can’t live without and which ones I should pass up that I’d never use!

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I bought ONLY the Options set.

Now I want a longer cable, some extra tips, heck, another entire set for 2 circs for knitting in the round. But a longer cable for Magic Loop, definitely.

The bag that comes with the set I find adequate. Since there’s no way to affix the size tags to the tips themselves, I don’t think I would use them - I have a needle sizer in the bag. If you knit in bigger sizes, then bigger tips, but I tend to stay around the size 6-8 needle size.

You might as well enjoy the FREE SHIPPING for your extras now since your order is going to exceed $50.

I would get extra 24" cables, as well as one set of each of the lonnnnger cables. Ya never know when you will need some of the super-duper long cables. They’re so inexpensively priced, why not?

I don’t have extra needle tips in my Harmony OPTIONS, however, I have up to 3 sets of my most used tips in the nickel OPTIONS. My Harmony OPTIONS TIPS are still just as they came.

I did invest in almost all of the [B]FIXED 16"[/B] Harmony circs. I just love those little suckers! No 16" cable needle that I’ve tried works as well as Knitpicks fixed 16" circs. I just happened to chose the Harmony for those cuz they’re so pretty.

Happy knittin’ Sister! And congratulations on your HARMONY! :thumbsup:



Oooh, how fun, you’re going to love them! :slight_smile:

I bought all of the sizes that didn’t come in the set, myself. blush For, um, both sets, as I have both Nickel and Harmony sets. I also bought two more of the shorter cables, and one each of the other sizes.

I’m also fine with the bag that they came in – I cut the size labels off the packaging and stuck them into the little pockets, but think eventually I’ll print out some slightly neater size labels on my printer and stick them down with tape, as the cardboard slides out of the pockets sometimes. (We don’t get the little tags in the UK kits.)

As for fixed circs, I have most of the smallest sizes in various lengths, mainly in Addi, but they’re a lot cheaper here than there. I suppose it’d be smart for me to get every size I want in Addi before I come back to the States!

Have fun with your new tips!

I bought some longer cables to go along with mine for magic looping and large projects.

I also invested in some fixed circulars in smaller sizes so I could do some sock knitting.

Other than now thinking I want a set of Nickel Options to go along with my Harmonies, I’m pretty well set :inlove:

I, too, would suggest getting some extra 24" cables (I use them a LOT), and at least one set of the 40" cables for Magic Loop. When I ordered mine, I got the extra tips up to size 13 I believe. Since then I’ve added all the Harmony tips, even more cables, the 15’s and 17’s tips. I don’t have any of the Options fixed circs. Have fun! You’re going to be in heaven when they come!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback! :heart:

I just got a set of Harmony options, they’re awesome. I got the longer extra cables because I like to use the magic loop method, so I’d suggest those if you do ML. I also got the larger tips for future projects as well as the smaller size fixed circulars in the 47" to do socks on (2 at a time using ML). The shorter ones would probably work if you do 1 sock at a time, I personally like having extra cable so it’s not tight. I also have the nickel set and I just can’t say which is my favorite. The bag the sets come in are ok, I’ve printed out labels of the sizes to put on each pocket so I know at a glance what’s there. I haven’t really checked out the binder they have but I was thinking of that for keeping my fixed circulars (if they’d fit??) I also got the needle sizer/gauge ruler. It has a magnifying window which makes counting stitches much easier.

I really appreciate all your suggestions. I just placed my order now and ordered the extra cables and the extra tips (Size 13 won’t be available until the middle of the month!).

I’m not a sock knitter (for now, but who knows…after I get through my sweater and vest phase, I might be ready!), so I’m not worried about needing the smaller sized needles or the fixed length smaller circulars.

I’m looking forward to finally joining the Options club!