Buying needles - knit picks options questions

I want to update my collection. I’m looking into getting the knit picks options needles - is the only place to buy them on their website? If I do buy them, do you think I need to update my straight needle collection as well, or could i just use these for all projects? (minus hats that need a 16 inch…but could I just do magic loop for that on a longer cable?)

Knitpick’s site is the only place to buy them or by phone; their customer service is great. Many of us no longer use straight needles, circs can be used for flat knitting, and the cords on these are more flexible than most so they’re easy to use for magic loop.

I got my Options a year ago and then this Christmas, donated ALL my straight needles to an orphanage in Columbia (about four DOZEN sets). I only use Options now.

thanks, this helps. but I still want to know, is it possible to knit a hat on magic loops or is there a max number of stitches for that technique? (ie, do I still need 16 inch circs for some things?)

You can knit a hat using magic loop…I just finished two of them on my KP Options using a 32" cable. You can knit pretty much anything on magic loop that, in the past, you would have used DPNs for. It’s a great technique.

Yep, I’ve done hats and sleeves when I didn’t have DPNs.

I do hats all the time on 24" rather than 16". What I do is use one circ in a larger size to cast on, then join and knit the first round in the size I’m going to be using for the ribbing. After a couple rounds, the knitting relaxes a bit and you can use the 24" for the body of the hat without it stretching. After a few decreases I do a half ML or use 2 circs.

Welcome, dara00! Are you in North Jersey or South Jersey? The Crafty Me Yarn Shop (515 Maple Street, Conshohocken, PA 19428 B 828-0216[/B]) supposedly has KnitPicks needles and yarn in stock. And they have a 10% off coupon on their website ( Conshy is about 20min west of Philly. Sadly, it is only 10 min from me, but I haven’t made it over there yet. I really should check it out and can let you know, if you’d like.

I’m sure this is a stupid question… but how would one knit things that were supposed to be flat using circular needles? I mean, I understand if it’s just stockinette and you can just knit every row instead of alternating knit/purl, but what if you’re trying to do an intricate scarf pattern where the directions are given assuming you’re using straight needles?

Think of each point as being a separate needle but instead of being in two pieces, the two points share the connectng cord. You knit back and forth just as you would on two straight needles.

Knitting every row on circular needles to get stockinette only works if you’re knitting a tube. It still makes garter stitch if you’re knitting flat. You turn at the end of the row just like using 2 straight needles.

I’m in Central Jersey - a little far from that store! I think I’m going to order the needles…I was shocked there are NONE on ebay! :slight_smile: I think I’m going to get the wooden ones. so pretty!