Buying Knitting Needles

Hi everyone,

I’m a new knitter and would like to buy a set of mid-price range needles. I don’t want to be too cheap and they fall apart or are too sticky, but I don’t want to spend a fortune yet, either. I’ve read conflicting reviews on a bunch of needles, especially the Knit Picks and similar needles. What do you recommend I purchase?



Where I live its hard to get to a craft store so I just go to Ebay and get when I like there. I dont order from China…I hit the usa only button first thing and I have gotten my Bamboo needles there and love them so you might wat to check it out. There are all kind there. Good luck!

Thanks Kathy!

I appreciate the tip. I went to Ebay and had no idea how to narrow it down. There were so many different needles! I’ll narrow it down by USA and see what I get! Thanks!

If you live in New York, I would like to recommend to purchase knitting needles and yarn at Michales stores. So, you can see all stuffs directly whatevery you want. :wink:

Not all Michaels are fully stocked with needles though.

I ordered the full set off Ebay and got at least 15 sizes that way when I do get better Bamboo needles I will know what size. Also has some sets too and if you get the full set its cheaper than getting just 1. Its a thought as I only had 2 pair I got at Wal-Mart, and some of them carry Bamboo. I like the feel of Bamboo as opposed to the metal. My hubby hates the sound of the metal needles and cant hear when I use the Bamboo. I also got my Circular needles off Ebay too. Havent used them yet but at least I didnt spend alot.