Buying knitting needles

Knitting seems an expensive hobby to get into at first. I just finished a flower-shaped washcloth and the needles cost just under $20. That’s an expensive washcloth! LOL

Is there a place online where you can get discount needles? I have yarn and a pattern to make socks, I’ve had it for years, it’s been waiting for me to learn to knit. :slight_smile: It calls for size 13 dpn, and I bought those at the time, but they are for circular and the needles are about 4" long - I tried and it just will not work. LOL

Try these for your socks.

one thing to remember when putting out that cash for needles though is that you will be able to use them over and over. so while it may seem expensive at first, over the lifetime of knitting the cost does actually go down. one thing you might want to consider investing in is a set of interchangeable needles. again…may seem like a large outlay of cash but with so many varieties of needle sizes and lengths the cost definitely does go down.

as far as your socks…you can get longer DPNs…maybe a 7inch will work better. or you can try knitting on two circs too. or magic loop. it all depends on what your preferred method would be. you can get 7inch DPNs at hobby lobby for about $2-3 if that is what you want to use.

i am very curious about the sock pattern that calls for size 13 dpns though. what kind of yarn does it take?

The yarn is Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.

I have the size 13 circular needles, but they are too long for the socks - when I cast on the stitches can’t join.

well most circs will be. you have to look at the length of the circ and see how it equates to what you are knitting. for example if your circ is 29 inches and you are making socks you would be looking at making a sock that is 29 inches around. probably a little bigger than your calf or ankle is.

BUT you can take two circs and knit in the round or one really long circ and knit in the round. amy has videos on the site showing how so if your circ is long enough it can be done! :thumbsup:

This is what I do and I really enjoy it. Having good quality tools can make the difference between knitting that is fun and knitting that seems like a chore.

You can always make your own DPNs with dowel rod. You could add a bead to the end instead of a second point and make straights, too.

There is no budget too small to knit, if the knitter is willing to be creative… :wink:

Amy has a video on how to do this too. I followed it and made some DPN’s when I started knitting again - very useful!

Knitting seems an expensive hobby to get into at first. I just finished a flower-shaped washcloth and the needles cost just under $20. That’s an expensive washcloth! LOL

My husband is getting into golf lately. I figure I can buy about as many needles as I want for the price of a couple of rounds on a premium course. :rollseyes: My favorite hobby (Borders and coffee) is not cheap either, and even a second hand bookstore can set me back $20 for bargains that I may not get around to reading for ten years. All in all, it’s not so bad, I’d say. And as many a craftster has said, “It’s cheaper than therapy!”


When I first started knitting (after I moved out of my mom’s house where she had a gazillin needles) I purchased a bunch of cheapo needles that one could find at the “whatevermart” I hated them. so I started buying quality needles for projects as I went along. I don’t remember paying as much for a pair of needles as you did though. Perhaps the most I have paid for standard needles (bamboo or otherwise) was around $12. If you want to get a good starter “set” I would look at the new Knitpicks interchangeables Options. I have a set and :heart: them! Another (and even fun) thing you can do is look for projects that will fit on the needles that you have You will be surprised at the number of patterns that are available “out there” and something will truly striek your fancy!