Buying from KH links

So I sold some books and I have some money and I want to buy from Knit Picks. So do I just click on the link from KH? Do I have to put in a special code when I order or anything?

I think you just click on the link.

I had a question, and called knitpicks and was about to place my order, when I mentioned to the salesperson that I wanted to order through KH, and she said go through the link. It was very easy.

Happy Ordering :XX: :XX:


Yup, I’ve always just clicked through the link, and it shows up on my invoice that I ordered through KH. :smiley:

OK. cool.

what? what??? Is there some special price for going through KH? I am so in the dark here!


It’s not a special price (wouldn’t THAT be wonderful), but Amy gets a percentage on what we buy through the KH Knitpicks link!

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… cool!