Buying DPN long?

…so I’m going to buy a set of dpns (sizes 0-15US) and am wondering how long I should get them? 6"…7"…8"? I was thinking of 7"…sort of in the middle but being a new knitter…thought I’d ask!!


7" is a good length because for socks and glove-type items, it’ll allow you to have as many sts as you need and for other items like circular knits, you’ll be able to get at least 25 sts on each one until you graduate to circulars.

this is one of those things that every knitter has their own preferences with. I prefer shorter DPN’s in the 4-6 inch range, absolutely no longer than 6", they’re just easier for my hands to hold and seem less fiddly to me (plus I have a tendency to poke myself with longer dpn’s…lol). I only use DPN’s for knitting socks and things that have a small circumference. For larger circumference items I use circulars (even hats, I just magic loop the tops).

couldn’t agree more with Jax3303 “every knitters has their own preferences” i’d like the needles longer than 8inch.

This is true and I do have very long fingers so the 7" suits me best.

I prefer the short ones for things like socks. No longer than 6 actually for anything. This is the reason I haven’t bought the ones from Knitpicks. They are too long.

I usually use two circular needles in place of them anymore anyway.