Buying Beads?

The only source near me is Wal-Mart. Most of their beads are too large, plus the holes in these beads are too small for even fingering yarn. Where do others find their beads?

I have ordered from these people and never had a problem:


I go to

One time I phoned them to ask how their codes would indicate if a bead had a large enough hole for yarn to pass through. They told me to order seed beads.

I order beads through or - both stores have a very good collection of Mill Hill beads in various sizes. Both cater mostly to cross-stitchers (though I can find basic knitting needles at 123stitch, too), and so have really good selections of beading used for cross-stitch. Steer away from the petite seed beed size - those things are super tiny and I have to use a beading needle to string those.

Why dont you order Beads from some online shops.My sister recenty ordered Beads from House of Gems, They have Variety of beads to choose from.

I found some over the weekend at Michael’s. I happen to be in a town that has one. There is nothing like this near me so I have to hunt for stores that sell yarn, etc. when I’m on the road.