Buying Addi Turbo from coolwoolz on Ebay?

If you had made purchases from this guy, how long did it take for your goods to arrive from uk? He/She has 100% positive feedbacks, but when I asked if his listing 4.5mm/US8 was meant to be 4.5mm/US7, he never responded. I bought a 5mm/US8 from him 2 days ago so I hope he/she acknowledge it. :frowning:

I have bought addis from this lady in england, littlebramble and she is 100% reliable would def recommend her :smiley:

While I’m talking about Jeff (jeff_wonderland) on ebay… I’ve bought several times from him. Very inexpensive and usually very quick considering he’s in Singapore and I’m in Mississippi. He’s so good I’ve actually never even tried another Addi seller on ebay.