Buying a Crochet Hook

Another newbie question…I want to buy a crochet hook (to fix mistakes, etc). I’m buying online at Joann’s since there are no crafts stores near me and they have free shipping now.

My question is what size should I get? Or do I need one of those sets of 3?


A set of three would be VERY convenient to have…I only have one, and its a “medium” size.

Thanks Kelly. Can I ask you a huge favor? Could you look at the selection for me and recommend something? I have no idea about the sizes. I prefer aluminum (probably Boye, since I have that interchangable set). If you have a chance, here is the link

Thanks so much!

Hi kc,

The sizes of crochet hook I use most are E, H, and J. That covers yarn anywhere from sport or DK up through bulky.
I checked out your link and if it was me I’d get the Boye aluminum hook set - bottom right of page two. That’s 6 hooks in sizes E through J for $7.99 - pretty good deal.

Hope this helps! :thumbsup:


I have this set and I’m never without a size to fix my … um … knitting hiccups. :mrgreen:

I bought a set, too. It was inexpensive, I have a variety of sizes to choose from and can keep one with each project. Plus the fact that the one I’m using regularly disappears!