Where do you all buy your buttons from? I just finished the 3 way wrap last night and need some big funky buttons for it. Went to two local fabric stores today and didn’t find anything that jumped out at me, so thought I’d look online.

I have some links for buttons, but haven’t bought from them yet.


Thanks Jan, I’ll check these out. Going to visit my DD tomorrow in Harrisonburg, VA and am planning to check out a couple of the yarn stores there too.

the stores in Australia are not all that great for buttons, but a really good resource is goodwill/charity stores. If you can find a garment with buttons on it you like, you can simply cut them off when you get home - you can find some gorgeous buttons this way, and the items aren’t usually all that expensive.

Have you thought of making your own? Check out this page:
It is only good for getting today.

How big and how funky?? lol…I just inherited an insane amount of buttons! There’s no way I’ll ever use them all in my lifetime!

Well I didn’t get around to the yarn shops in Harrisonburg like I thought I would so I’m back to square one. I will look through the websites suggested though. Demonica, the buttons on this wrap are supposed to be about 2.5" - I can find some locally that would work, but the buttons really make this wrap so I’m looking for some to really pop. I may have to settle for some that work for now while I’m still looking for the perfect ones. AND I’ve started one for my daughter so I’m looking for buttons for that one too.

Our LYS The Woolie Ewe has wonderful big funky buttons. Oh - I don’t see them on the web site.
I actually like Joanns for buttons. Do you have one where you live? I dont know how big you need…

Well, my grandpa has this amazing collection of buttons in all shapes and sizes (My grandma used to knit and sew, and he kept a lot of the stuff she used) so I use it whenever I need.
But if I need something that he doesn’t have, I just go to the wool store in town and see if they have what I’m looking for. :slight_smile:
I’ve never thought about shopping online for buttons ;o

You can make them out of Fimo or other crafters clay. The clay comes in all sort of very bright colors, so you can design them as you wish. Then poke holes in them with a tapestry needle, or small straws, or skewer, etc. Then bake as directed.

There is a great button book called 50 Heirloom Buttons which I bought a few years ago when it first came out for about $15. It is now a collectors’ item and goes for about $100! There’s another one I don’t know, but is supposed to be good, called The Button Maker.

And as pinksugar said, you can sometimes find things on clothing at Goodwill and just cut off the buttons and then cut up the coat or whatever for rags, so as not to waste it.

If you’d like, I’ll take a look through all the buttons I have and the ones that are roughly 2.5" (if there are any) I can take pictures of and if you like any I can send the buttons to you…Like I said, there’s no way I’m ever going to use all these buttons in my lifetime! lol