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I’m having trouble finding funky buttons small enough for the prem baby cardi I’m knitting. I trawled Etsy until I went cross eyed but although there were loads of great buttons for children, they were all that bit too big. I really don’t want to fall back on plain ones as I think premmies parents deserve some fun in their lives! The button holes are only 1 stitch wide. Does anyone have some good sources? I’m in the UK. (I only need three, so don’t want to buy random packs of 100)

It can be difficult to find just the right button. I haven’t used any of these suppliers but I searched “buttons uk” and came up with some possible sources.

Good luck with your search!

Have you seen www.buttoncompany.co.uk?



Hobbycraft sells buttons and there is a button shop near Covent Garden if you are ever in London.

I’ll likely be in London in the next few weeks - can you tell me which street please? I know the area around Covent Garden reasonably well.

It seems as though the Button Box has gone even though it is still listed on the Internet. The Bead Shop in Neal’s Yard doesn’t sell buttons.

There is a button shop at 76 Marylebone Lane. You can check out their website.

Liberty sells buttons. They have a website too.

I really think you will get a much bigger selection on the Internet though.

Have you looked on Ebay? There are loads.

I know it doesn’t help you at the moment because the next show in London is in October but have you ever been to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace? It is a really good place to stock up! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up for Ally Pally, Gemini. I’ve now got some on line, though it did mean trawling through pages and pages and the cost of postage = the cost of the buttons! I’ll check out the other places when I’m next up and maybe stock up when I see anything joyful.

hi, totallyl oftopic, but just how DO you pronounce Marylebone?


always wondered.


Marley bone but with the emphasis on Marley. Now lets try Theydon Bois :wink: - I’ve never dared to go there because I know I’d try French pronunciation but of course it’s just called Theydon Boys…

There’s a street in my town name Lafromboise. I’ve not heard it pronounced. I’ve only been here about 8 years so I’m a newcomer. This newcomer thinks it looks like LA from Boise. :shrug: Guess: La frum bwa.

Well - I finally got the buttons - not quite as funky as I’d have liked, but hey! Here is the finished cardi ready for the show on Saturday :cheering:

Too cute!

It looks really lovely gramercy!

Perfect! That little sweater is just adorable. Very well done.


now for Roncesvales…

which comes from the SPANISH, not the french for all of us who are Toronto-centric.

so really, its supposed to be Roncethvaleth, but we just say:
ron-cess-vales, with the emphasis on the Ron.

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that is a VERY cute sweater. love the buttons. :slight_smile: