Buttons buttons!

Does anyone know of a good online website at which to buy [B]great buttons?[/B]

I’ve tried the JOANN’S online (sad sad), Herrschners (waste),
and a few local online fabric shops…Pacific Fabrics (sad) and Hancock Fabrics (sad). I visited my 3 local Joann’s. (so so)

I am looking for some great [B]1-1/4" to 2"[/B] white/cream buttons for my SYLVI coat. I have some buttons that I can use, [B]but…[/B]I saw some [B]HUGE BUTTONS[/B] on a Raveler’s SYLVI…and I am giving HUGE BUTTONS a second thought IF I can find some.

In my search of the local Joann’s…I spent $$ on some buttons, which MIGHT WORK but I’m not thrilled with them :think:and I saved the receipt and bag for returning.

Then it dawned on me! :figureditout:

My worldwide sisterhood/brotherhood of KNITTERS might know! :woohoo:

Buttons for Artlady, anyone? Any leads for me?
[B]Any[/B] [B]intel will be greatly appreciated.[/B] Crossed Fingers

These are where I look first, but I’ll warn you that great buttons don’t come cheap! (Marria once asked after discount buttons, but I’ve never found a discount source on good buttons.)


(That last is JHB’s website – you’d have to look through their stock, choose something, then special order through your retailer if they don’t carry it, but JHB is pretty good about that.)

Try here

My sister always looks on Ebay. You can find some beautiful buttons there. If you search for vintage/collectible ones, you can find some that are very pretty.

You might also try some bead shops. Here is the link to fusion beads buttons.

Try cuteasabutton.com Great selection, good service.

In another thread awhile back someone suggested this one that I bookmarked:


I ended up buying some from Buttondrawer. They weren’t super cheap, but were a better deal than other sites, and their buttons are awesome!

Did you Froogle it? www.froogle.com?

Large ones here

If you want buttons similar to the ones that the Raveler had on her coat, you could message them and ask?

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]I have a very large collection of buttons that I’ve been collecting for the past 2 years. I love shopping Ebay for buttons. I usually just put in buttons and millions of them come up but you can narrow it down to any different kind of buttons.
There are ceramic ones, plastic, vintage, glass, antique - you name it. There is even a place for button bracelets…
I’m hooked!
I think my button collection exceeds about 3000 buttons.
TEMA:aww: [/COLOR]