Hello I am struggling getting my buttonholes neat. I have attached a picture of the finished buttonhole band and the buttonhole pattern. I have looked at numerous videos and many posts and understand what to do but I’m not happy with the untidy finish of the buttonholes. Am I being too fussy or can I find a better way? I want tidy holes. Is there a better method anyone could recommend? I have done this twice now and about to cast off but I’m not satisfied with it so will be unpicking it again. Thank you.

I find that a one-row buttonhole works well. There are a couple of steps but this tutorial and the video explain it pretty well. There are more complicated buttonholes but the one-row seems like a good compromise.

Thank you, I will have another go thanks again for your help :blush:it is much appreciated.

Try this method out on a swatch and see if you like it. Good luck with it.

I unpicked it and used your guide, it looks much better although not perfect as it was tricky for me to keep the ribbing in line. I have attached a photo. When the buttons are on and it’s

blocked I’ll send another picture.


That looks very good and it’s a much sturdier buttonhole as well. Yes, keeping the ribbing aligned is always worth extra attention to get it right but yours looks very neat. It’ll be fun to see a photo of the complete sweater. Thanks for the follow-up!

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I love seeing what people have made.
This is so neat, what a great motif, it’s like little roses.

Perfectly lovely from pattern design to buttonholes!

Thank you, it does look like roses, very pretty. I knitted the same pattern in orange a few months ago but I had more problems this time!


Thank you :blush:

Adorable model in a very sweet sweater! Would you tell us the name of the pattern or the design number?


That was my first thought too!
Adorable sweater adorable baby… and the cardigan matches her dress perfectly. What a stylish little one!

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Sorry I don’t know the name of the pattern it was photocopied for me by a lady in the knitting group, I’ll try and find out. There’s no pattern identity at the top of the page or anywhere else. I’ve tried searching under Sirdar but can’t see it. I’ve attached the cover and first page of the pattern in case someone recognised it.

Thank you for trying!