I need some help with inserting a buttonhole. I am knitting a sweater and the buttonholes are worked into the band as the sweater progresses. The directions are: K3, yo, k2tog, k2. Now, I understand what all this means, but I don’t have a clue about yarn overs :?? I have written instructions in two books, but I am still not certain exactly what I am to do and I really don’t want to mess this up. Can anyone help? Also, is it better/easier to make a buttonhole like this or to make one that actually looks like a buttonhole (if that makes sense). The sweater is knit in a Broken Rib pattern (Classic Elite Yarns 644 To The Manor Born).

The type of buttonhole really depends on the size of the band and the buttons. The yo buttonhole is certainly the easiest, and is stretchy enough for the buttons.

Since your button band is only 6 stitches wide, I’d do the yo one.

Just knit the first 3, bring the yarn to the front as if you are going to purl, then knit the next two together with the yarn in front. The yo will automatically happen as you wrap the k2tog stitches.

Thanks! I think I understand it now:D So, what I am doing is creating a lacey type “hole” and the yo replaces the stitch that knitting 2 tog takes away. Is that it? And, when I make the return (one complete row and 230 stitches later :wink: ) I just continue to the end as usual and I have a buttonhole–right? How cool is that