Buttonholes on double fabric

I want to do front bands on a cape as stockinette hems. Is there a way to work buttonholes in the double layers and not have two separate buttonholes, one in each layer? I expect the answer might be double knitting. I’ve not ventured into it yet. Maybe it’s time.

ETA searching has netted me a sum total of nothing. Maybe I’m not searching with the right terms.

Hmmm… Good question, but I’m not sure. If I find something I’ll post it.

Hi GG, TechKnitter has something to say about double layer buttonholes and some alternative suggestions that may help. The buttonhole suggestions come about a third of the way down the article on steeks.

Blind buttonholes. Sure. Good idea. Techknitter always seems to have insights and solutions. Thanks for the link. Meanwhile someone found this for me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKZ2RvBPk6o