It’s me again! You helped me shape the raglan sleeves, and join them to the body…now I need help with a buttonhole. I checked the videos but it is not the same pattern.

Pattern calls for K1, P1 rib. Here is what it says:
1st row: (RS) Rib across 4 sts. Cast off 2 sts. Rib to end of row.

2nd row: Rib, casting on 2 sts over cast off sts.

I have no idea what that means!! Can you all help me one more time???

Work the kp rib over 4 sts, bind off 2 sts, then continue the rib pattern to the end of the row. Next row, work in the rib pattern till you get to where the sts were bound off and cast on 2, then work in the rib on the last 4 sts.

It doesn’t say ‘k1p1k1p1, bo 2 sts, etc’ because you might be on a row that begins with a purl, so you’d begin the row p1k1p1k1. This way you can put the buttonhole on either side for a girl or boy sweater.

:wink: I get that…but how do I cast on in the middle of a row, exactly? Am I retarded?

Use the knit or cable cast on. Move the right needle to the left hand, cast on 2 sts, then move it back to the right hand to finish knitting the row. There’s a video on the Cast ons page.

Got it! thanks!!!:muah: