Buttonholes aren't nice and neat

I made my buttonholes on my baby sweater, they are on the front band, which is knitted sideways. So in effect, the buttonholes are horizontal to the direction of the knitting, 2 stitches wide. I got them bound off, that part looks good, but in the next row when I cast them back on, they look loose and sloppy. Anyone know a place to see how to cast on in the middle of the row? THe tutorial on here says it’s cable cast-on, and she mentions that she hardly ever uses that because it’s difficult. Is that my only choice for a middle of the row casting back on of the buttonhole stitches?

PS, this is my first project where I’ve successfully picked-up stitches without getting funny holes. I must say that it looks really good. I learned the stitch picking up on our website. Now if I can improve my buttonholes.

The backward loop cast on is what I generally use to cast on stitches in the middle of a row or over a buttonhole. I’m not sure if it will look better, but it is less bulky.