Buttonhole Question

My pattern has a section on making a buttonhole. It says to k2 YO K2 tog then start the increase pattern I have been doing all along. Then next row is to k4, purl, last 4 stitches k. Then back to the k with increases. Then it says to continue working the increasing as usual and until the garter stitch placket opening measures 2 1/2 inches. I don’t see how this is going to make a buttonhole.

If it’s for a baby sweater, the yo is probably the button hole.

It is for my 1 year old son.

Thanks I’ll keep trudging along.


Again…I made a “read-o”. I SWEAR the title of this thread was “butthole question”. :rollseyes:

Hildie’s been a bad influence on you Kelly! :roflhard:

Don’t feel too bad, Kelly. I’ve read Ingrid’s

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hundreds of times, and only a moment ago, did I finally “get” it. :figureditout: :blush:

Only the very clever ‘get’ it! :rofling:



Don’t be sad!!! You DID get it! Clever, clever, you.