Buttonhole help

I have almost finished my Rogers-esque Cardigan, but have made a huge mistake: on the buttonhole band instead of creating two buttonholes per row I only created one, centered. *This means that when I fold over the band there are notches on the edge rather than two buttonholes on top of each other.

My question: is there a good way to close up the buttonholes I created and insert new ones? Or should I frog that entire section (that hurts to even type that!). *

Thank you for ANY help!!!

Why would you need 2 buttonholes? Is the band folded over? A link to the pattern would help, but I think you’re going to have to take out the button bands.

Yes, the band is folded over. The band is, unfortunately, vertical.

I can’t link yet! :slight_smile:

Now I can

Great, thanks for the link. So the band is knit along with the front piece, lets see… the only way I think you can do this without reknitting it, is to sew the larger hole so it makes 2 smaller ones, but that won’t give you a nice neat edge. So I think you may need to reknit the Left front, rip back to the row with the first buttonhole and go from there.
Ripping back is part of knitting, you just get to knit longer is all…

Knit longer-ha! This wip is going on 2 years. :slight_smile:

I received another great suggestion: sew up buttonholes, sew buttons on top band, add snaps underneath. My husband isn’t crazy about the snaps, but he shall survive.

Thanks for your help