buttonhole edge

hi all, Merry Christmas!

I’m stuck on the buttonhole edge of this pattern. not sure why they had me cast off and then was asked to place 5 markers for buttons on left front for button band. The instruction after I cast off reads:

Next row (RS): k1. k1 p1 sl1. k1, psso, yfwd. Pat to end of row.

Where do i start this one and only row?


Hi could you provide us with a link to the pattern? It is easier for us to help you of we can read the directions. Please do not post the pattern as thid can cause copyright issues.

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hi sorry for the delay in my reply as i’ve had company during Christmas and haven’t had a chance to reply nor work on my project. here is the link as per our email thread. thank you your help is appreciated, the instructions are on top of p. 26. thank you

These sound like slightly misplaced directions to me. They might be better if they were moved to the directions for the Right Front.

What they are telling you is how to work a buttonhole row whenever you come to one. I guess it seemed appropriate to place that direction after the directions for marking the button placement. Calling it “Next row” is just plain confusing.

So work the right front and when the front measures the same as a button marking on the left front, work a RS buttonhole row (Buttonhole row (RS): k1. k1 p1 sl1. k1, psso, yfwd. Pat to end of row.)

not sure if I thanked you for all your feedback and help! I have finally completed the sweater and it turned out beautiful! My 13 yr old niece loved it! Thank you so much! Now starting my 18 yr old nephew’s cardigan! :smile:

Hooray for your excellent knitting! Isn’t it wonderful to make something for someone and have them love it? Enjoy making the next one.

thank you very much again for all your help…on to the next! :smile: