Buttonhole band for a cardigan

Hello, I hope everyone is having a good new year.
I am finishing off a cardigan and I am stuck on the pattern for the buttonhole band. I have done the rib 3, yrn k2tog, rib til to end but I can’t understand the rest of what is written.20220105_170001
Can anyone help?
Thank you

These are directions for joining 2 pieces of knitting with 3 needle bind off. This is a slow motion video where the 2 pieces are bound off in knit stitch but you’ll be working the same technique in your rib stitch.

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Hi, thank you for the video.
How that works makes sense now, for a second I couldn’t think of where I would use this but I remember I have another set of stitches on a stitch holder that will need joining.
Thanks so much again!