Buttonhole bag

Have any of you made this pattern??? I want to give it a try…but not sure if the yarn is interchangeable with something else???


I haven’t made that purse (it’s way cute though!), but if you want to use something other than Lamb’s Pride, just pick any bulky weight 100% wool yarn and you should be fine. :slight_smile:

umm yeah, i am gonna have to add that one to my bag folder. i think i have found a really great way to deal with my purse obsession…AND i get to pick my colors! woo hoooo!

thanks for the link to a great bag!

I :heart: that bag. What colors do you plan to use?

I ordered some cascade 200 from littleknits, and had some elann peruvian wool too…once I get the cascade, will have to pick and post…oh oh oh i am so excited, it will be my first felting project!

Hi kitkat!

I’ve never felted anything either, but this bag is SOOO CUTE I think I’ll have to add it to my project list. Thanks for the link to the pattern! I never thought of knitting a purse, I’ve always stuck to sweaters and afghans.

I LOVE this site - lot’s of new ideas!

i am soooooooo gonna have a ridiculous number of bags…

cuz of course i don’t now :shock:

I love that bag. :heart: :heart: I am going to have to make that soon!! I have used Lamb’s Pride and I liked working with it and I also like the variety of colors - at least in one of my LYS there are a lot of choices. Someone mentioned Cascade 220 and that is good too. Wow, got to go find some new yarn and make that bag!!

That is the purse I knitted, out of that yarn, w/something else mixed in I can’t remember the name of, that I have not yet felted!!! It is a gift for someone, but I am a big chicken! When I knit mine, I used a dusty plum color for the main part, and then where a stripe should be, I mixed in the other w/the plum for contrast. The other yarn (I would not really call it yarn) is that stuff that is kind of netty w/every few squares filled in and the colors in it are deep purple, avocado green and creme.

One of these days it will be felted!


Pictures! I want pictures! Was the pattern easy? I am so waiting for my yarn to come from littleknit!!!

It was quite easy, took maybe 4-5 hrs. If I were literate enough on the posting of pictures, I’d be happy to do that, but I really have no clue, sorry.


Oh I have lots of choices…so now I just have to decide, is the first one for me, or for, say, the son’s girlfriend!!! I ordered some light, medium and hot pink and burgundy, lime green, I have some variagated denim blue and a really pretty rusty peach color…for me I think it will have to be lime green with a splash of hot pink…for the girlfriend, probably the light pink and the hot pink! Hoping to cast on this weekend, have to go over to my moms for a while tonight…i would rather be knitting!!!

oooh… I think you should add thin stripes of denim in between the hot & lgiht pinks!

do yours first… you never know how long girlfriends will last!