Buttonhole at a Cable Crossing?

Hi! I’m having an issue with a pattern calling for a buttonhole at a cable crossing, of all places. Its a 2/2 cable and a 3 stitch buttonhole. My question is - [B][I]Would you cross the cable first?[/I][/B] and then bind off for the buttonhole? Thanks!

I don’t believe that’s possible. I work on cables constantly and have never heard of such a thing. There wouldn’t be a cable if there needs to be a buttonhole instead.

I would either do the button hole on the row before the crossing or the row after it. I would do a one-row buttonhole, rather than binding off and then casting on on the next row. (There’s a video that demonstrates it on the video page).

There is some info on buttonholes and cables here, although this is about doing them between cables when you don’t have much room, so I don’t know how helpful it will be:

Crossing the sts makes for sort of a hole, could you use that as the buttonhole?

I didn’t even think of that. I bet you could use a cable needle thicker than your yarn and make the cable a bit looser at the crossing. That just might work.

These are all great ideas! Thanks! [I]going to do a practice swatch to try them all out…[/I]