Button-Off Pants?

I’m wanting to make some soaker pants for my toddler boys and was hoping to make them so the legs can button off into shorts so they’ll last through the Summer. Anybody know if this would work out right and how to go about doing it??

Actually, I’ve only seen soakers with short legs like these
[soakers](http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#sort=best&query=knit soakers).
There is one pair at the end that is long but the problem would be that after you unbotton the legs, you’d have to knit an edging on the opening to tighten them up around the leg. That’s do-able if you decide to make them into convertible pants.

You can make them any length you want. You might want to attach the legs with velcro. I just finished two pairs of soaker pants for my granddaughter and am working on the third. You can look on Ravelry for yoga pants patterns for toddlers. I used Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool. This is 100% wool. It worked really well for keeping her cloth diapers from soaking through to her outer clothing. Some diapering sites recommend using a lanolin wash to give further waterproof ability for the pants, but we found we didn’t need it. The lanolin is a liquid that you wash them in, but it’s very expensive. You can make your own at home by combining baby shampoo with liquid lanolin. You will probably find this in a pharmacy. Many nursing mothers use this.

If you want, I could give you general guidelines on how to do this. However, every child is different. You’ll need to adjust the pattern for their individual measurements. My toddler granddaughter takes after her 6 foot 4 daddy. She’s very tall for her age and has long legs. I call her The Giraffe. lol

Here’s my granddaughter goofing off with a diaper cover on her head. This is the pair of pants I knit for her.