Button holes

Hi, I. Knitting Debbie Bliss’s “riding jacket” sweater. Since it’s my first sweater with buttons, I’m a little confused. Instructions start out making the button holes, but I’m supposed to start the right front from the bottom.
Are the instructions just telling me how to do the button holes which would make sense.
I hope someone understands what I’m saying and can help me.

Thanks so much,
Sandy :)))

Yes, that’s correct. Often a pattern will give you the pattern stitches or special techniques before the start of the instructions or before a certain section of the pattern. That’s what your pattern sounds like.
Looks like a fun pattern to do.

It looks like the garter stitch buttonbands are “knit it” as you go across the rows (not knit onto the fronts after the fronts are done). Correct? It looks like it.

If the body of this sweater is knit in 3 pieces…that is to say…the Left Front, the Right Front, the Back…I always start with the Left Front even if the pattern says to start with the Right Front. Why? Because the Left Front has no button holes. When the Left Front is done you have a clear picture of the number of ridges in the buttonband. Then I use that as a model to place the ‘built in’ buttonholes on the Right Front, evenly placed just where I think they should go.

I agree. I usually knit two fronts at the same time [I]unless[/I] the buttonholes are knit into the front. Then I follow the same method Art Lady describes.

i also do the same

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