Button holes

I am making a little poncho type thing for my niece. on the edges, I would like to have buttons, but I don’t know how to make the button holes without interrupting my pattern. (I am making this one up as I go along) so I don’t have a link…

It is knit border 4 stitches all the way around. So really the button holes will need to be within my knitted stitches.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi! You say that you want the button holes on the edges and that you have a 4 stitch border is that where you want the button holes or before the edges? Also could you give us an idea of the pattern you are using? Sorry but you are being a little vague. If you can provide a little more information i would be happy to try and work this thru with you.

This is similar to what I am doing, however I am doing the edges just in garter stitch, so I just don’t know how to make the button holes. without interrupting the garter stitch- (is this helpful? Sorry I can’t provide much info- I am still new at this whole thing!)

Hi you can do the Garter Stitch without interrupting it. How many stitches do you want the buttonholes to be? You’re going to cast off and cast on the number of stitches for the size of the buttonhole using the Garter stitch pattern. For example if you have four stitches and you want to make the buttonhole two stitches you would knit a stitch cast off two stitches and knit the fourth Stitch. On the next row you would knit a stitch cast on Two stitches and knit the last Stitch. Being that you knit every Row there really isn’t anything to worry about regarding a pattern. Does this make sense to you?

Yes it does! Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

Glad I could come to the rescue!!:):smile:

I’d use a yo buttonhole. There are videos if you want one. I’d k1, k2tog, yo, k1 and continue the row; on the other end I’d k1, yo, k2tog, k1. I’d do the other end opposite because I do those things but it really wouldn’t matter, you could do them both in the same order. When you come to the yo you can ktbl if you want, it would make it a little smaller so if you already have your buttons you could check to see if you want to ktbl or not.

The simplest is to do a YO in your garter border. Nothing more. Simple!! On the next row, just knit that YO, and you will have a hole… enough for a button. It all depends on the size of your yarn, and size of buttons.

If your knitting is fairly open, you may not need to make a buttonhole. Just poke the button through the stitches and it’s done! Even simpler!

And finally, you can crochet a chain along the edge, but leave a “loop” of chain stitches where you will be placing the buttons. Ready-made button loops!

Don’t forget to accompany the YO with a K2tog in order to maintain the stitch count.

I have to agree with Vaughn_De_Leath and salmonmac their idea seems to be the easiest.

A yarnover buttonhole works well for baby sweaters and sweaters requiring small buttonholes but sometimes you need a larger, neater buttonhole. The one row takes a little longer but it’s a good compromise.

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You are right!! I had completely forgotten to add that. I just take it for
granted that everyone knows there is always a K2tog when you make a YO. But
just because I know that, doesn’t mean everyone else does. I have to
remember that! Thanks.

Me too. My fingers know what to do but my thinker is left in the dark.