Button holes

Ingrid, how do you know where to put button holes on baby sweater?

You put them across where you want the buttons to be. :rofling: Sorry! :wink:

I just kind of eyeballed it. I put one at the base of the collar ribbing, and then as often as it looked good. Since it was a top down sweater, I knew I could knit it as long as it needed to be between the next-to-last buttonhole and the last one, which I put a couple of rows from the bind off. If it was an adult sweater, I’d do a lot more planning.

Do you get these smart ass answers from your students :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
another pattern question
It says Cast on 26 sts and Knit 5 rows Continue in stocking stitch increaseing 1 stitch at each end of fifth row,and 1sts at each end of the two following 6th rows, continue to 3.75 inchs
WHAT does this mean to do?

I come up with my own smart ass answers, thank you! :wink:

It looks like you’ll have a five row garter stitch border, then you’ll work in stockinette stitch and do gradual increases. Is this a sleeve?

So on row 5 of the stockinette part, you’ll increase one stitch at each end–kfb is good for this. Then in row 11 and row 17 you’ll also increase one stitch at each end. Then knit in st st until the entire thing from the beginning is 3.75 inches.

why can’t they just write what they mean instead of all this mumbo jumbo :shock:
I understood perfectly the way you wrote it :smiley:
thanks again for all your help appreciate it most greatly :notworthy:

I guess I learned early on to follow the pattern blindly and then look to see what it was I actually did.