Button Holes...ugh


Ok, so my pattern is a K1 P1 and repeat. well on the third row I need to do a button hole, which the instructions are… YO, k2tog,p1,k1 …got that just fine and dandy. my issue is continuing the K1 P1 and repeat directions…it doesn’t have the same effect as before the button hole.

What in the world am I doing wrong??? I’ve done it before - but now that I’m “trying” to do it, I can’t get it.

Any advice is REALLY appreciated, I’ve torn this darn thing out so much, I’ll try anything!!!

Thanks in advance!:knitting:

When you YO you just wrap the yarn around the needle, not a wrap and knit 1. So you should only be yo, k2tog, not yo, k1, k2tog.

I was doing the YO then then k2tog…not a YO k1 k2tog. I have the button hole ok, its the row after the button hole that’s screwing me up. I have 25 cast on’s, the buttonhole row starts with a K and ends with a K …I start the next row (row 4) with a P. but when I continue the P1 K1 it ends up with a wrong rib…like I’ve gone: k1 p1 k1 on on row, then the next k1 p1 k1 …though i’ve made notes to keep it straight, and its just not working right.

If the pattern is a rib, to start the next row you knit what looks like a knit st, and purl what looks like a purl. If it’s seed, knit the purls and purl the knits.

Are you making sure to knit into the yarn overs? If you are doing

YO, K2Tog, P1, K1, then you’d treat the yarn over as a purl on the row you made it to stay in 1x1 ribbing.

So on the next row, you’d P1 into the K1, K1 into the P1, P1 into the K2Tog, and K1 into the YO.

maybe i’m doing my YO wrong. thats a whole differen’t issue now. I’ll watch the video on a YO (if there is one here) …thanks

The YO video is on the increases page.

had the YO right, paying better attention to what to K and what to P …so far so good…knock on wood THANKS!!!