Button holes in prime rib


I’m working on a scarf that is done in the prime rib or brioche stitch. I want to keep it short and button it around the neck. Does anyone know how to do button holes with this kind of stitch?

The stitch is: yo, sl1, K2tog.

I would appreciate any help or feedback.



You could split it as you would do with a keyhole scarf.

Work half the stitches. Then using a new strand, work across the row. Work the two sides separately until the hole is the size you want, then work across all the stitches with one strand again.

A lot depends on the size button you want to use. It’s possible that a button would fit between the existing yo’s.

Thanks Ingrid. I decided to just end my scarflet with the garter stitch and add the buttonholes that way. By the way, how long does it take to get an invite into Ravelry? I’ve been waiting a week now. Is that unusual?

It depends on how many people are before you ‘in line.’ You should be able to check your queue if I remember correctly.